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Support and Download for SiS core-logic chipsets, wireless LAN controller and mature 3D graphics processors. You may find the technical FAQs, contact information of the system makers and motherboard makers and product identification.

Tech Support
We do not sell any products directly to end users so we do not have a staff dedicated to end-user technical support. If you are having a problem with any SiS-based product, please contact either the PC or board manufacturers or the retailer of your product.

FAQs regarding BIOS update, graphics/display, motherboard related, gaming, DVD playback, Linux, USB, RAID...etc. 

Memory Validation
The Validation is checked at the DDR DRAM DIMM and DDR2 DRAM DIMM.The results are published in the page.

Product Comparison

Product comparison utility helps you to be aware of the difference of each SiS products.

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